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Outpacing the Olympics?

December 2012 - Organisers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games reported sending 82% of waste for recycling, but have admitted the actual recycling rate was 62% because so much mixed material was sent for sorting off site.  Not a bad recycling rate but a clear illustration of why it makes sense to sort as close to source as possible.

New kit

October 2012 - Maximum has started upgrading bin covers and other equipment.  Five smart new sets of covers were used at the 2012 Abergavenny Food Festival, with more on the way for 2013.

Cooking Oil added to the menu

October 2011 - At the recent Newport Food Festival Maximum successfully collected cooking oil from the chef demonstration areas for recycling at a local refinery, where it is turned into biodiesel and other products.

100,000 customers in Year 1

June 2011 - Maximum Recycling has now been running for a year.  In that time we have provided services to 11 events with total visitor numbers of just over 100,000 people!

New Waste Strategy For Wales

Environment Minister Jane Davidson launched the new waste strategy for Wales' households and businesses on June 21st entitled 'Towards Zero Waste'. The strategy includes a waste prevention target, a clear call for quality, segregated materials for recycling, and a goal of zero waste by 2050.  This is part of a wider aim for Wales to consume energy and resources only at the rate it can replace them - 'one planet living'.

Maximum Recycling On The Run

At Cancer Research UK's recent Race For Life events in Cardiff and Llanelli, we recycled over 4000 plastic bottles from thirsty runners, as well as cardboard, glass, polythene and cans..  and only averaged 5 black bags of rubbish!